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Soldering Station - Aoyue Int2930
Item No.: 3062

Product Description

Soldering Station - Aoyue Int2930
SMD-Soldering Station / for Lead-Free Solder / 200-480°C


The Aoyue Int2930 soldering station for lead free solder is microprocessor controlled and  reliably prevents PCBs and circuits from being damaged due to static charging (ESD-Save). The built-on ceramic element reaches quickly the required solder temperature.

Additionally the station has an Auto-Sleep and Wake Up function that detects user activity by means of a vibration sensor which is integrated in the handle and correspondingly switches on/off the station. This saves energy and extends considerably the service life of the heating element.

Two temperature settings can be programmed and activated via the touch button. This way you can avoid a repeated setting of the changing operating temperature during the soldering process. The user can choose between temperature display in centigrade °C or Fahrenheit °F.

The composite tip design allows the user to change the solder tip and the heating element very quickly without needing other tools. Enfold the solder tip with the supplied pad and carefully pull out the heating element from the handle.

Since 2006 lead solder is no longer allowed. With this station is compatible with lead-free and leaded solder.

Technical Data


Power input 210-230 Volt +/-10% / 50 Hz +/-2Hz
Soldering iron output 75W / 24V AC
Temperature range 200 °C bis 480 °C
Heating element (soldering iron) ceramic heating element
Connecter type 6+1
Ground resistance below 2 Ohm
Ground potential below 2 mV
Cable length ca. 1,4 m
Connection cable - soldering iron 95 cm
Size 165 x 115 x 95 mm
Weight (solder iron) including cable 0,110 kg
Weight 2,45 kg
Colour black / silver
Accessories 1 connection cable
1 soldering iron handle
1 solder tip LF-2B (WilTec-Art. 91504)
1 Aluminium solder iron holder
1 heat resistant pad (30150J)


Aoyue 2930 lead free



Suitable soldering tips

Aoyue 2930 lead free

Data sheet - overall solder tips an overview





Delivery content


Solder tip

SolderingTip - Lötspitzen

10 mm

Diameter: 1,0 mm
Type: conical



You will receive the basic station Aoyue Int2930 for lead free solder with the following accessories:

-Solder iron includes solder tip (10 mm x 1,0 mm - conical (WilTec-Art. 91504))
-Solder iron holder with sponge
-Heat resistant pad (30150J)


Aoyue2930 lead free