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Riff Box JTAG repair/ flash for Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, LG phones ORIGINAL AND NEW
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Product Description

Riff Box JTAG repair/ flash for Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, LG phones ORIGINAL AND NEW RIFF JTAG is a unique HTC, LG, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei mobile phones and modems servicing box. RIFF JTAG provides the user with one-click cell phone repair using Resurrection function. It supports IDA real time debugging via GDB Server. RIFF JTAG Box Outstanding Features ARM7/ARM9/ARM11 PXA3xx, PXA270, Cortex-A8, OMAP850, Cortex-A9, Cortex-A15, Cortex-A5 Dual/Quad cores supported. Multiple devices on JTAG chain supported, TAP number selection available. Any custom voltage level selection within the range of ~1.4V to 3.3V. TCK / Adaptive clocking selection available. Halt core (NRST is not changed). Reset core (NRST is applied before halt). Run core. Direct Memory Read/write (by 8/16/32-bit bytes/half-words/words). Access to ARM core control registers (coprocessor 15). Program code breakpoints. Custom scripting and DCC loader supported (compatible with Trace32 scripts). Custom GDB Server Available. I/O pins detection. RIFF JTAG Box - Supported Controllers OneNAND (connected directly to the MCUs address space) CFI Compliant NOR with CFI Command sets 0×0001, 0×0002, 0×0200 and 0×0003 NAND Controller in MSM6250, MSM6250A NAND Controller in QSC6055, QSC6085, QSC6240, QSC6270 NAND Controller in MDM6085, MDM6200, MDM6600 NAND Controller in MSM6245, MSM6246, MSM6270, MSM6275, MSM6280, MSM6280A, MSM6281, MSM6290, MSM6800A, MSM6801A NAND Controller and OneNAND Controller in MSM7225, MSM7227, MSM7625, MSM7627 NAND Controller in MSM7200, MSM7200A, MSM7201A, MSM7500, MSM7500A, MSM7501A, MSM7600 NAND Controller in QSD8250, QSD8650 eMMC Controller #2 in MSM7230, MSM8255, MSM8255T eMMC Controller #0 in S5PV310 RIFF JTAG Box - Supported Chipsets and Cores for JTAG I/O Operations Generic ARM Cores: ARM7, ARM9 (ARM920, ARM926, ARM946), ARM11, CORTEX-A8,CORTEX-A9 Qualcomm QSC Family: QSC1100, QSC1110, QSC6010, QSC6020, QSC6030, QSC6055, QSC6085, QSC6240, QSC6270 Qualcomm MSM Family: MSM6000, MSM6150, MSM6245, MSM6246, MSM6250, MSM6250A, MSM6260, MSM6275, MSM6280, MSM6280A, MSM6281, MSM6800A, MSM6801A, MSM6290, MSM7225, MSM7227, MSM7625, MSM7627, MSM7230, MSM8255, MSM8255T, MSM8260 Qualcomm QSD Family: QSD8250, QSD8650 Qualcomm ESM Family: ESM7602A Qualcomm MDM Family: MDM6085 MDM6200, MDM6600 OMAP Family: OMAP1710, OMAP3430, OMAP3630, OMAP4430 NVIDIA Family: TEGRA2 Marvell/XScale Family: PXA270, PXA271, PXA272, PXA310, PXA312, PXA320 Samsung Processors: S5P6422, S5PV310 RIFF JTAG Box - Supported Mobile Phones and Communicators Alcatel Alcatel One Touch OT-995, OT255C, OT990, OT993D Apple Apple iPhone 4S Asus Asus Padfone A68, Asus Padfone A80 CoolPad CoolPad 5860+ Fly Fly IQ280, IQ285 Haier Haier C2010, C2010, C2040, C2076, C300, C3010, C301R, C5100, C6000 HTC HTC 7 Mozart, 7 Pro (HTC Gold), 7 Surround T8788 (HTC Mondrian), 7 Trophy T8686 (HTC Spark), 7Pro, 8S, 8X (PM2330000), 8X16GB, 8X8GB, Advantage X7510 (HTC Athena), Amaze 4G (HTC Ruby), Amaze4G, Amaze4G PH8510000 (HTC Ruby), Artemis, Athena, Butterfly X920d, ChaCha, ChaCha A810e, Chief, Click, Dash, Desire, Desire C NFC A320e (HTC Golf), Desire HD (HTC Ace), Desire HD A9191 (HTC Ace), Desire S (HTC Saga), Desire S S510E (HTC Saga), Desire SV T326e, Desire SV T326e (HTC Magni), Desire V T328w (HTC Wind), Desire VC T328d, Desire X (HTC Proto), Desire Z (HTC Vision), Desire Z (HTC Vision), DesireC, DesireHD, DesireS, DesireV, DesireX, DesireZ, Diamond, Dream, Droid DNA ADR6435 / Droid Incredible X (HTC DLX), Droid Incredible 2 ADR6350, Droid Incredible ADR6300 (HTC Incredible C), DroidDNA, DroidEris, Elf, Espresso, Evo 3D, EVO 4G LTE (HTC Jewel), EVO Design 4G / Acquire (HTC Kingdom), EVO View 4G, EvoDesign4G, EvoView4G, Explorer (HTC Pico), Flyer (PG41100), Flyer 3G, Flyer 4G, Flyer 4G P515E, Flyer WiFi (PG41400), Gene100, Glacier, HD, HD Mini T5555 (HTC Photon), HD2, HD7, HD7Pro, HDMini, Herald, Hero, Imagio, Incredible 2, Incredible S, Incredible S, Incredible-2, Incredible-C, IncredibleS, Incredible-S, Inspire, Inspire 4G A9192 (HTC Stallion), Inspire USB, J ISW13HT (HTC Valente), J ISW13HT (HTC Valente), Jade, Jetstream (HTC Puccini), Jewel, Legend, Magic, Magic32A, Magic32B, Mega, Mozart, MyTouch4G, Neon, Nexus, Niki, One 802d, One LTE 32GB (HTC M7), One M7 PN071100, One M7 PN072000, One S PJ401000, One S Z560E (HTC Ville C), One V T320e (HTC Primo), One X AT&T, One XL (HTC Evita), OneS3, OneS4, OneV, OneVX (PM3610000), OneX, OneXL, Ozone XV6175 (HTC Chief), Panache 4G, Panache/Glacier/My Touch 4G, Polaris, Polaris (HTC Cruise), Radar, Radar (HTC Omega), Raphael, Rezound, Rezound ADR6425 (HTC Vigor), Rhodium, Rhyme (HTC Bliss), Sensation (HTC Pyramid), Sensation (PG581300/PG583101), Sensation 4G (PG581000), Sensation PG5811000, Sensation XE PG5813001 (G18), Sensation XL, Sensation XL X315 / Bass (HTC Runnymede), SensationXL, Snap, Supersonic, Supersonic (EVO 4G), Surround, T329w (HTC Proto), Tattoo, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt, ThunderBolt 4G ADR6400 (HTC Mecha), Titan, Titan X310E (HTC Eternity), Topaz, Trophy, Vivid (HTC Holiday), WildFire, Wildfire S A510E (HTC Marvel), Wildfire S CDMA (HTC Marvel C), Windows Phone 8S (HTC Rio), Windows Phone 8X LTE 16GB, Wings, Wizard, Wizard 200 Huawei Ascend G300 (Huawei U8815), Ascend G330 (Huawei U8825D), Ascend G510, Ascend G600 (U8950-1), Ascend Y200 (Huawei U8655), Boulder U8350/U8350-51, C2605, C2607, C2801, C2806M, C2807, C2808, C2809, C2823, C2830, C2856, C2901M, C2905, C2906, C31, C3200, C3500, C5005, C5100, C5589, C8500, E153U, E1550, E160, E160G, E169, E173U2, E17X, E220, E5830, E5832, E585, EC1260, EC189, ETS2205, ETS2205, ETS2222, ETS2225, Ideos S7, Ideos U8150/U8150D, Ideos X1 U8180 (Huawei Gaga), Ideos X3 U8510-1 (Huawei Blaze), S7, Sonic (Huawei U8650), U1270, U1280, U2800, U8110, U8150, U8150D, U8160, U8180, U8220, U8350, U8350-51, U8500, U8500, U8650, U8655, U8800 Impulse 4G/ X5, U8800 Pro, U8800Pro, U8815, U8825D, U8860, W1-U00 LG C660 Optimus Pro, C660H, CU720, CU720 Shine, E400, E405, E405 Optimus L3, E510, E510 Optimus Hub (LG Univa), E610/E612 Optimus L5, E612, E615, E615 Optimus L5, E900, E900 Optimus 7, E960 Nexus 4 (LG Mako), E975 Optimus G (LG Gee), E975W Optimus GJ (LG Gee B), E988, F100S, F120K, F120L, F-160K Optimus LTE2, F-160L Optimus LTE2, F160S, F-160S Optimus LTE2, F200K, F220K (Optimus GK), F260S Optimus LTE III, F260S Optimus LTE III, GM730, GT540, LS970 Eclipse 4G, LSP450T, LSP450T, LU6200, Optimus LTE Tag F120K, Optimus LTE Tag F120L, P350 Pecan / Optimus Me, P500, P698, P698 Optimus, P705, P705 Optimus L7 / P700, P715, P930, P930 Nitro HD, P970, P970 Optimus, P999, RD3000, RD3100, RD3500, RD3510, RD3540, RD3610, RD3640, RD6100, SH860, SU630, TD636, VM265, VS840 Lucid 4G Micromax A87, C100, C111, MMX250C Motorola W150i, W200, W210, w210 Nokia 1006, 1255, Lumia 520, Lumia 610, Lumia 620, Lumia 820, Lumia 920 Pantech A650S, A730S, A760S, A770K, A800S, A810S, A820L, A830K, A830L, A830L, A830S, A840S, A850K, A850L, A850S, A860S, A870L, Sky Vega LTE EX IM-A820L, Sky Vega LTE IM-A800s, SKY Vega RACER IM-A760S, Sky Vega T100K, T100K, UM150, UM175, Vega IM-A650S, Vega LTE M IM-A810S SKY, Vega No6 IM-A860S, Vega R3 IM-A850K, Vega R3 IM-A850L, Vega R3 IM-A850S, Vega Racer IM-A770K Samsung A777, A837, A867, A877, A887, A900, Anycall m110s, B119, B139, B159, B209, B219, B259, B2710, B2710 (Samsung Xcover 271), B309, B319, B379, B5330, B5510, B5512 Galaxy Y Pro Duos, B619, B6520, B7320, B7320, B7330, B7510, C5510, C6712, C6712, Corby II S3850, E110S, E120L, E120S, E160K, E160L, E189, E329I, Eternity A867, F219, F480, F500, F619, G800, G810, Galaxy 551 (i5510), Galaxy Ace S5830, Galaxy Fit (GT-S5670), Galaxy GIO (S5660), Galaxy Mini (S5570), Galaxy Mini GT-S5570i, Galaxy Note (GT-i9220), Galaxy Note (GT-N7000), Galaxy Precedent SCH-M828, Galaxy S 4G (T959v 1GB), Galaxy S II LTE SC-03D (Samsung Celox), Galaxy S Plus (i9001), Galaxy Tab M180s, GT-B5510 Galaxy Y Pro / Galaxy Txt, GT-B5620 OmniaPRO 5 / GT-B6520 Omnia 652, GT-B7510 Galaxy Pro, GT-i8150 Galaxy W (Samsung Ancora), GT-i8160 Galaxy Ace 2, GT-i8190 Galaxy SIII, GT-i8190N Galaxy S III, GT-i8262 Galaxy Core Duos, GT-i8350 Omnia W, GT-i8530 Galaxy Beam, GT-i8552 Galaxy Win Duos / Galaxy Grand Quattro, GT-i8700 Omnia 7, GT-i9020A Nexus S, GT-i9020T Nexus S, GT-i9070 Galaxy S, GT-i9082 Galaxy Grand Duos, GT-i9082 Galaxy Grand Duos (Samsung Baffin), GT-i9082 Galaxy Grand Duos (Samsung Baffin), GT-i9103 Galaxy Z / Galaxy R (TEGRA2), GT-i9105 Galaxy S II Plus, GT-i9105 Galaxy SII, GT-i9105P Galaxy SII, GT-i9152 Galaxy Mega 5.8, GT-i9158, GT-i9190 Galaxy S4, GT-i9192 Galaxy S4, GT-i9195 Galaxy S4, GT-i9205, GT-i9205 Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE 8GB, GT-i9210 Galaxy SII LTE, GT-i9295 Galaxy S4, GT-i9505 Galaxy S4, GT-i9505G Galaxy S4, GT-N7005 Galaxy Note LTE, GT-N8010 Galaxy Note 10.1, GT-P3100 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, GT-P3110 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, GT-P3113 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, GT-P5100 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, GT-P5110 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7, GT-P6810 Galaxy Tab 7.7, GT-P7320 Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket, GT-S5301 Galaxy Pocket Plus, GT-S5360 Galaxy Y, Gt-S5380k Wave Y, GT-S5830G Galaxy Ace, GT-S5830i, GT-S5830L Galaxy Ace, GT-S6012, GT-S6102, GT-S6310 Galaxy Young, GT-S6312 Galaxy Young, GT-S6500 Galaxy Mini 2, GT-S6500D Galaxy Mini 2, GT-S6802 Galaxy Ace Duos, GT-S6810P Galaxy Fame, GT-S7250D Wave M, GT-S7500 Galaxy Ace Plus, GT-S7500L Galaxy Ace Plus, GT-S7500T Galaxy Ace Plus, GT-S7530 Omnia M, GT-S7562 Galaxy S Duos, GT-S7562i Galaxy S Duos, GT-S7572 Galaxy Trend Duos II, GT-S8600 Wave 3, I437, i450, I500, I509, i520, I535, i550, I5500, I5510, I559, i560, I5700, I5800, I589 Galaxy Ace Duos, i607, i710, I717 Galaxy Note LTE, i718, I727, i740, I747, I747M, I7500, I777, i780, I8000, I8000L, I8150, I8160, I8190, i8320, I8350, i8510, I8530, I8552, I8700, i8910, I897, i900, I9000, I9001, I9003, i9003 Galaxy SL, I9020A, I9020T, I9023, I9070, I9070P, i908E, i910, I9100, I9100 Galaxy SII, I9100G, I9100GX, I9100P, I9103, I9105, I9108, I9108X, I917, i917 Focus, I920, I9210, I9220, I9300, I997, i997 infuse 4g, L760, M110S, M130K, M180S, M180W, M190S, M200K, M200S, M240S, M569, M7500, M7600, M820, M820, M828, M8800, M8910, N7000, N8010, Nexus S i9023, P1000, P1000N, P1010, P1010 Galaxy tab, P3100X, P3110X, P3113X, P5100, P5100X, P5110, P5110X, P5113, P5113X, P6200, P6800, P6810, P7320, P960, R530, S109, S189, S239, S3310, S3370, S359, S3850, S5230, S5250, S5260, S5260, S5300, S5301, S5360, S5380, S5380D, S5380K, S5510, S5560, S5560i, S5570, S5570i, S5600, S5660, S5670, S5750e Wave575, S5830, S5830G, S5830i, S5830L, S6012, S6102, S6312, S6500, S6500D, S6802, S6810P, S7070, S7230E Wave 723, S7250D, S7330, S7350, S7350i, S7500, S7500L, S7500T, S7530, S7562, S7562I, S7572, S8000, S8300, S8500, S8530, S8600, SC-04E, SC-05D Galaxy Note, SC-06D Galaxy SIII LTE, SCH-E329I, SCH-I500 Galaxy S, SCH-i509 Galaxy Y, SCH-i510 Droid Charge 4G LTE, SCH-i535 Galaxy S3, SCH-i545 Galaxy S4, SCH-i559 Galaxy Mini / Galaxy Pop, SCH-i920 Omnia II 8GB, SCH-LC11 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, SCH-R530 Galaxy S III LTE, SCH-R530 Galaxy SIII, SGH-A887, SGH-i337, SGH-i337M Galaxy S 4 LTE 32GB (Samsung Altius), SGH-i727 Galaxy SII Skyrocket, SGH-i747 Galaxy SIII LTE, SGH-i747M Galaxy SIII LTE, SGH-i777 Galaxy SII, SGH-iT999 Galaxy S3, SGH-L760, SGH-M919 Galaxy S4, SGH-N055, SGH-P960, SGH-T479 Gravity 3, SGH-T499 Dart (Samsung Tass), SGH-T679 Exhibit II 4G (Samsung Ancora), SGH-T759 Exhibit 4G, SGH-T879 Galaxy Note, SGH-T989 T-Mobile Galaxy SII, SGH-T999L Galaxy S III LTE, SGH-T999V Galaxy S3, SGH-Z710, SHV-E110S Galaxy SII, SHV-E120L Galaxy SII HD, SHV-E120S Galaxy SII HD LTE (Samsung Celox), SHV-E160K Galaxy Note LTE, SHV-E160L Galaxy Note LTE, SHW-M130K Galaxy K, SHW-M180W Galaxy Tab, SHW-M190S GALAXY S Hoppin, SHW-M200s Nexus S, SHW-M240S Galaxy Ace, SHW-M250S, SPH-D700, SPH-D710, SPH-D710 Galaxy S2 Epic Touch 4G, SPH-L710, SPH-L710 Galaxy SIII, SPH-L720 Galaxy S4, T479, T499, T589, T669, T679, T749, T759, T879, T919, T939, T959, T959D, T959V, T989, T999, T999V, U700, U800, U900V, Verizon SCH-i545 Galaxy S4 (Samsung Altius), W299 Duos, W629, Wave II S8530, Wave Y GT-S5380D, YPG1, YP-G1CW / YP-G1CB Galaxy S, YP-G1CW/YP-G1CB Galaxy S WiFi, YPG70, YP-G70EW Galaxy S, Z240, Z500, Z540, Z630, Z650i, Z710, ZV60 Sony Ericsson E10i, E15a, E15i, U20a, U20i, U20i, X1, X10, X10Mini, X8, Xperia X10a mini / E10a (SE Robyn), Xperia X8a (SE Shakira), Xperia X10 Toshiba G810, G900 PDA, G910, TG01 ZTE AC2746, AC2746 CDMA, AC2766, AC30, AC30 USB modem, C335, C370, CN600, F160, F280, F285, FWPC26, Light Tab (ZTE V9), MF100, MF112, MF170, MF180, MF180S, MF190, MF622, MF626, MF627, MF628, N721, N721, R518, S100, S160, S1602, S165, S165, S170, S170, S180, S185, SKATE, Skate Acqua (V880), V889D, V9, WP829 Various brands and models: AT&T HTC Status (HTC ChaCha PH0613000), Vodafone 858 Smart (Huawei U8160), Acer S100, Anydata ADU 555C, ASUS P526, CoolPad 5860Plus, Daewoo DPN3500, DELL Streak, DELL XCD28, Dopod Magic A6188 (HTC Sapp400), Eten X800, EuroSky ES4100, Fly IQ285, Intex In50, iPAQ 614, Lenovo LePhone3GW100, LinkSys WRT54GL, Olive C2110, Orange Boston, Orton 4100C, Qtek 9000, RoverPC EvoV7, Sungil SXC1080, Unicare ChivaC2, Unicare UN510BF Intex In50, Lenovo LePhone 3G W100, Orange Boston (Commtiva Z71) T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide (HTC Doubleshot), T-Mobile myTouch2 3G Slide (HTC Espresso), T-Mobile Pulse (Huawei U8220) RIFF JTAG Box - Supported CDMA Mobile Phones AnyData ADU555C Haier C2040 Haier C2076 Haier C300 Haier C3010 Haier C3010 Haier C301R Haier C5100 Haier C5100 Haier C6000 Haier C6000 HTC Desire HTC Droid Eris A6376 HTC Droid Incredible ADR6300 (HTC Incredible C) HTC EVO 3D HTC Evo3D HTC Wildfire S Huawei C2605 Huawei C2605 Huawei C2607 Huawei C2801 Huawei C2806M Huawei C2807 Huawei C2808 Huawei C2809 Huawei C2823 Huawei C2830 Huawei C2856 Huawei C2901M Huawei C2905 Huawei C2906 Huawei C31 Huawei C5005 Huawei C5100 Huawei C5589 Huawei C8500 Android Huawei ETS2205 Huawei ETS2222 Huawei ETS2226 INTEX In50 LG LSP450T LG RD3000 LG RD3100 LG RD3500 LG RD3510 LG RD3540 LG RD3610 LG RD3640 LG RD6100 LG TD636 LG VM265 Micromax C100 Micromax C111 (QSC1100, QSC6010) Micromax MMX 250C Motorola W150i Motorola W150i (MSM6000) Motorola W200 Motorola w210 Nokia 1006 Nokia 1255 Olive C2110 Jungo Samsung A900 Blade Samsung B119 Samsung B139 Samsung B159 Samsung B209 Samsung B259 Samsung B309 Samsung B319 Samsung B339 Samsung B379 Samsung B619 Samsung E189 Samsung F219 Samsung F619 Samsung Omnia i910 Samsung S239 (MPower) Samsung S359 Samsung SCH-M569 Samsung SCH-S109 Samsung SCH-S109 (MSM6000) Samsung SPH-D700 Galaxy S Epic 4G Samsung W629 Unicare ChivaC2 Unicare UN510BF ZTE AC2746 ZTE AC2766 ZTE AC2776 ZTE C355 ZTE C370 ZTE F285 ZTE F290 ZTE R518 ZTE S100 ZTE S160 ZTE Striker (S1602) ZTE WP829 ZTE-C N600 RIFF JTAG Box - Supported Broadband Modems ZTE MF100 ZTE MF112 ZTE MF622 ZTE MF626 ZTE MF628 ZTE MF170 ZTE MF180 ZTE MF190 ZTE MF180S Huawei E1550 Huawei E17X Huawei E220 Huawei E585 Huawei E169 Huawei E585 Huawei E160 Huawei E160G Huawei E153U Huawei EC1260 (CDMA) Huawei E5830 Huawei E5832 Sierra U597 Sierra U595 Sierra 801 Huawei E5830 95 Pantech UM150 Sungil SXC1080 LG P999 Samsung i520 PDA Module Sungil SXC1080 Pantech UM150 GsmServer.Com | RIFF JTAG Pakcage Content