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XTC 2 Clip
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Product Description

XTC 2 Clip OVERVIEW: XTC 2 Clip is a specialized device for servicing HTC phones. XTC 2 Clip allows you to perform unlock, lock, repair IMEI and other procedures on HTC mobile phones. It consists of a main device with a flex cable, having a micro-SD emulator on its end. XTC 2 Clip - Main Features: Unlock SIM lock Relock phone Repair CID, including super-CID Repair IMEI (IMEI2 for dual SIM phones) Repair MEID (for dual SIM phones) Change security level (S-ON/S-OFF, allows you to run unsigned code, perform service actions, etc.) Downgrade / upgrade firmware Support for legacy phones (gold-card analog) Direct bootloader unlock (no need to register on HTC website) Full access to support area with all flash files for all HTC phone models Many other functions you may need from time to time * Please note, that the listed above features may differ from model to model. Please read the detailed manual, which can be found here. XTC 2 Clip - Supported Models: XTC 2 Clip is supposed to support the whole range of HTC phones; however, the features may differ from model to model. Below is the list of tested models (as per 17 of June 2015): Ace (Desire HD) Bliss (Rhyme) Butterfly Butterfly 2 Butterfly S Buzz (Wildfire) ChaCha Desire 200 Desire 210 dual sim Desire 300 Desire 310 Desire 310 dual sim Desire 320 Desire 400 dual sim Desire 500 Desire 501 Desire 501 dual sim Desire 510 Desire 516 dual sim Desire 526G+ dual Desire 600 dual sim Desire 601 Desire 601 dual sim Desire 610 Desire 612 Desire 616 dual sim Desire 620 dual sim Desire 620G dual sim Desire 626 Desire 626G+ Desire 700 Desire 700 dual sim Desire 816 Desire 816 dual sim Desire 816G dual sim Desire 820 Desire 820 dual sim Desire 820q dual sim Desire 820s Desire 826 Desire C Desire Eye Desire L Desire P Desire Q Desire SV Desire U Desire V Desire VC Desire VT Desire X Desire XC DROID DNA DROID Incredible 4G Evo 4G LTE First Icon (Icon_G) Legend Nexus 9 One One (E8) One (E8) CDMA One (M8 Eye) One (M8) One (M8) dual sim One Dual Sim One E8 dual sim ONE J HTL22 One M8s One M9 One M9+ One Max One mini One mini 2 One Remix One S One S C2 One SC One ST One SV One V One VX One X One X ATT One X+ One XC One XL Pico (Explorer) Pyramid (Sensation) Rider (Evo 4G) Saga (Desire S) SensaXL (X315e) Velocity 4G Vision (Desire Z) Vivid Vivo (Incredible S)